Please write us a essay about a friend, child, sibling between grades 6 and 12.*

Share with us a story of someone that has been inspiring to you, someone that has shown leadership, bravery, or initiative in 500 words or less . The top 30 essays chosen will feature the girl you wrote about, she will win a place in our fashion show and show off our definition of real, true beauty, strength and girl-power. All girls chosen will know they are a huge part of giving back to the community by being a model in our show.

Let’s lift the spirits of our friends and people we care about, write a story about how something they have done has had a positive impact on you or someone else. The #1 winner of our essay contest will read or have thier story read to kick off our fashion show. This will be a night these girls will never forget, lets make their day and let them know why we think they are special to us.

All essays can be mailed to: Or be e-mailed to:


Winning Essays will be chosen by Women and Family Life Center and contacted by Meghan Scanlon. The #1 winning essay will be read by Meghan Scanlon to kick off our fashion show.
Essays can be written by and about anyone, any age,
but cannot be written about any LIMELITE DANCE TEAM MEMBER.

We hope to be flooded with beautiful stories that define what our project stands for!

* All Limelite Dancers are NOT ELIGIBLE to become a model, they will be performing and already major part of the evening. We welcome and encourage essays from all dance team members